Renewable Energy



Heston Project (UK):

Sensitivity analysis for a large-scale prototype MCFC trigeneration plant to obtain hydrogen, electricity and heat through biogas obtained from an anaerobic digestor.


Maping of Solar Heat (Eastern Europe): Consulting services regarding the calculation of potential solar thermal energy for the supply of hot water and heating support (for both residential and industrial uses) for 20 countries in Eastern Europe.


Flix Solar Farm (Flix, Spain): Project management and turnkey execution of a 12MW solar park, consisting of an astronomically guided double axis solar-tracking system and a second stage involving the generation of concentrated solar power.


Feasibility Study of Wind Farm (Tarragona, Spain): Feasibility study for Mas Platé 10MW wind farm, encompassing environmental restrictions, compliance with local and national legislation, electricity transmission and wind-power potential and a detailed study of investment and exploitation costs.


Hydro-electric Power Stations (León, Spain): Design, construction, exploitation and management of two hydro-electric power stations in the Duero river basin: namely the Orallo and Altar stations, boasting 300kW and 785kW of installed power capacity respectively.


Conventional Energy and Energy Planning



CMT Trace Logistics (Maçanet, Spain): Design, planning, execution and compliance management of electricity transportation and distribution infrastructure (low, medium and high voltage). Development of supply and transmission infrastructure in accordance with strategic plans for electrification.


National Governments: Consultancy services encompassing the analysis of regulatory frameworks and the creation of strategic reports for the improvement of the transportation network for electricity and gas, with a view to infrastructure planning.


Castor Project (Spain): Project management for the construction and entry into operation of a natural-gas storage facility of 2bcm capacity, making use of an old underwater petroleum reservoir.


La Prohida Electricity (Spain): Provision of technical consulting for the launch of an electricity transportation and distribution network, involving a 33kV/10kV substation of 15MVA capacity, 69km of 10kV power lines, 98 BT transformers and a distribution grid totaling 77km in length.


Energy Audit (Barcelona, Spain): Technical Energy Audit for municipal buildings in the Barcelona metropolitan area. This service encompassed energy diagnostics, adaptation to meet environmental/energy standards and drawing up proposals for improvement from a technical/economic perspective.