Heller International Energy

"Renewable Energies are critical vector for the social economic development of nations"


Energy is a critical vector for the economic growth of nations and the wellbeing of their populations. However, in the 21st century humankind is fully aware of the environmental, geostrategic and economic problems that inefficient management of energy resources can bring. Today, technology and know-how regarding energy systems is sufficiently advanced to provide us with solutions that guarantee efficient and sustainable energy systems. This development means that, in all probability, our methods of generating, distributing and selling energy will undergo a dramatic transformation throughout the century to come


Heller is a Spanish company that aims to help improve access to energy for the global population. Our human capital boasts a wealth of experience in the energy and environment sector. Spain has been a pioneer in applying many energy policies (such as those on renewable energies) which contribute to improving energy systems around the world: from the electrification of large areas with no access to energy, to the improvement of existing systems that are inefficient and polluting.


We at Heller offer our clients experience and services based on three cross-cutting areas: consulting, engineering and project implementation, with a continuous focus on the energy and environment sector. Our capacities range from a generalist focus, such as that required for zone-based energy planning, to the specific expertise required to (for example) operate a power plant. Our desire is to make this wealth of experience available to our clients around the world, particularly those in emerging and developing countries.